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January 04, 2022


Eric LC

Professor Nacos,

One tangible, and for you feasible and appropriate, competitive measure that you can undertake in the political arena to counteract the "MAGA" movement is clarifying to the public the actual or basic law-and-fact justification of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Keep in mind that from the start to this day the "MAGA" faction has critically relied upon the vitriolic disinformation that OIF was unjustified in order to discredit and marginalize traditional moderate Republicans like George Bush, John McCain (RIP), and the Cheneys. The "MAGA" faction uses the anti-OIF false narrative strategically to clear the political space in the GOP that the "MAGA" faction occupies.

If you definitively clarify OIF's justification to the public, you would do much to displace and discredit the "MAGA" faction that relies on the anti-OIF false narrative. At the same time, by upholding OIF for the public, you can also reinvigorate the paradigmatic liberal principles that essentially defined the UNSCR 660-series, Gulf War ceasefire compliance enforcement. On the international stage, anti-liberal actors led by Russia strategically utilize the anti-OIF false narrative to undermine the West at the political premise level.

To help you get started, I recommend my newest post at the OIF FAQ, "Critique of the Iraq-related portions of Miller Center's revised "George W. Bush: Foreign Affairs"" https://operationiraqifreedomfaq.blogspot.com/2022/01/critique-iraq-portions-miller-center-december-2021-revised-georgewbush-foreign-affairs.html .

Of course, the OIF FAQ site at large https://operationiraqifreedomfaq.blogspot.com/ is purpose-designed to organize the corrective law and fact content necessary for concerned pundits like you to clarify the Iraq issue to the public.

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