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September 09, 2021


Brigitte Nacos

I am not as concerned as others that the withdrawal of NATO troops will result in the increase of ISIS and al-Qaeda fighters and potentially more terrorism against the U.S. and other Westerners. There are plenty of other failed states, especially in Africa, that have substantial numbers of "soldiers" belonging to those two and like-minded groups.
As for the human rights of Afghans, I fear especially for women who do not want to live according to the Taliban's implementation of Sharia law. But male resisters, too, are in danger to be jailed and killed.
The international community, and especially the US, should not cooperate with the Taliban unless there is something in return. The US holds substantial sums that the Afghan Federal Reserve needs bitterly. I would not give them a penny without having, for example, all Americans who want to get out of Afghanistan plus Afghans with visas to get here.
Ah, there is so much more here that needs to be dealt with better than by both Trump and Biden.


Professor Nacos,

I agree President Trump's deal was basically harmful. But didn't it include conditions for the Taliban that the Taliban never met ... Yet President Biden chose to pull out willy nilly anyway?

What repercussions do you anticipate from Biden's choice, including but not limited for human rights policy?

Brigitte Nacos

I would have preferred leaving a core of U.S. military there to help Afghan military to fight the Taliban.
Also, while the Trump administration negotiated the complete withdrawal with the Taliban, the Biden administration should have prepared better for the evacuation of Afghans who for years worked for Americans in Afghanistan.
Much reason to criticize both administrations.


Professor Nacos,

What's your reaction to President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal?

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