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Brigitte Nacos

It will never happen in the United States. The lobby for the gun industry, most importantly the National Rifle Association, has too much influence in Washington--too much money for campaign donations.
At least some states and some localities try some ways of gun control.
I applaud decision-makers in New Zealand for the speed they changed their gun laws. Of course, this is a country of 5 million people only, about half the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

Kevin Kieswetter

These are reactionary times in a way. Remember, Huntington called out Islamic fundamentalism in "Clash of Civilizations." When Daesh publicizes senseless murders the response had to be more senseless murders. It is most sad for these innocent folks. I remember seeing the photo of the Egyptian men lined up on a beach in Libya (I think) about to be executed and feeling there will be repercussions for this and other senseless acts. In America and elsewhere, gun laws have to reflect the times, too. The Australian government acted, in kind.

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