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March 05, 2012



It's funny that he calls the Republicans "Sociopaths" when he himself seems to fit that dipsrection much better than any of them."Why does anyone care what this seacow has to say?"Well, why does anyone care what this brainless, bigoted Youtube psycho who's too cowardly to even reveal his identity or voice has to say?P.S. Moron, if Limbaugh is so unpopular, then why is it that he has attracted so many sponsors and such high ratings, while Air America crashes and burns everywhere it goes? I don't listen to his show, but he's got to be doing something right to be as popular as he is.


Good Link, Joshua..."...America, uh, is not what it could be... and I don't want that urtufe for my kids..."DUH! The urtufe, Obambi, is nearly unlimited possibility, you moron! When you say "America ... is no longer what it could be..." you sound like an addled, naive, leftist fool. "Obama is no longer what he could be... no longer can Obama become what he might have been had he been what he should have become, but Obama can yet become what he might be, if he is still what he can be, in America... sort of..."


....against my better jngedmeut, i agree with the words that the senator from illinois and it is not lincoln stated.granted the response was not what it should have been, given the poser of the question.however, myself not being as nuanced as the senator from illinois and it is not lincoln is, i will be specific.1) i wish we still had a southern border.1)a) i wish the border was clearly marked and identified.1)b) i wish the border was enforced by those other than targets for what passes as the mexican army.2) i wish the country of china did not own the US.3) i wish the country of saudi arabia, our eternal friends, did not own the US.4) in 1940, had someone flown a plane into, say the empire state building, other than the b-25 that did, and claim they did it because of their religion, i wonder what would have happened to that religion/culture/tribe.5) i wonder when the war on drugs will be over.6) i wonder when the war on poverty will be over.7) i wonder when the global war on terror.........oh forget it.8) i wonder why i feel afraid to defend myself in my own home.unless it is a 24 hour clock and/or digital, a stopped clock is right twice a day.sorry, couldn't think of a better "cliche inserted here".the US is the greatest nation on the earth and in history.why not make it better?and not use marxism to do it.


Rush can say whatever ha wants and we can do whatever we want about it. I'm mad at him but his job is to be an ignorant a$$. The thing that has stunned me is how afraid republicans are of him. The only one with no fear is John McCain. Do you really think American woman will vote for a man who is scared of Limbaugh? I can guarantee you there is not one woman in America who is scared of him , but our GOP senate our GOP congress and our GOP presidential candidates are. Pathetic.

J. Popp

I have “suspended” my accounts with 2 of the companies I do business with who have pulled advertising from Rush Limbaugh.
Pro Flowers and Carbonite.
I readily admit that I wouldn’t be customers of theirs if it wasn’t for Rush.
I find it disgusting that these companies would bow to political pressure from known groups whose singular focus is to personally destroy and silence those who disagree with their agendas.
These “town criers” have ignored much worse that’s been said by those who they agree with politically.

This set-up by the left is also being ignored. Fluke is an activist only enrolled at Georgetown to force her views that are counter to the schools. And she was given a platform in a kangaroo court created by the left and the media for the soul purpose to distract the public away from The Obama admiration’s blatant disregard of the constitution. The contraception/abortion pill mandate is not about women’s reproductive “rights” and access. This is about an administration forcing institutions, religious and not and private companies to supply products for “free.”

Rush basically asked this question “What do we call a woman who wants us to pay for her to have unlimited sex without consequence?” Well?

Please “suspend” your relationship with these companies who have “suspended” theirs with Rush.

Pro Flowers ,Quicken Loans, Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Citrix Systems Inc., Carbonite and Legal Zoom.

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