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Brigitte Nacos

Tony: I am so glad to see from your message about that you are around--I really wondered what happened to you when I did not see any of your always thoughtful comments.


Professor, I am patiently awaiting more posts also.....


Brigitte Nacos

Thanks for your post. I have been so busy with research projects, book manuscripts, and conference papers that I haven't gotten to blog much lately.
As for the Tea Party, it cannot have the same effect as the emergence of the Reform Party years ago in Canada. The winner-take-all here rather than the proportional electoral system in Canada and elsewhere excludes third parties most of the time from winning seats in Congress. Not to mention that the Tea Party is so far a movement, not a political party. Best described, the Tea Party Movement has put its stamp on the Republican Party and Republican candidates. Certainly not for the better.
But I think I'll heed your suggestion and post on this.
Best, Brigitte

Brydon Eady

Hello Professor Nacos,

First of all, you're posting much too less. Almost daily I check to see if my RSS feed has a new post for you and I'm disappointed for months at a time. Put aside the fact that you're educating the minds of the future in New York, those of us in rural Quebec require updates!

Secondly, I was hoping you'd write about the Tea Party movement in the US. You mention even Ann Coulter is being outflanked by the right. Will the Tea Party divide the Republicans? About 15 years ago, the Conservative Party of Canada was split into the "Reform Party" and the "Progressive Conservatives". It split the right for almost 10 years, leaving the Liberals to enjoy consecutive majority governments.

Will the Tea Party do to the Republicans what the Reform Party did tot he Conservatives?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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