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Yes, Professor Lehman-Wilzig, the old media will remain factors just as print media remained when radio came onto the scene and radio did not disappear because of the advent of television. But the Internet has become a platform where literally old and new media are represented.
It seems though that social networks and other new Internet based communication features made a difference in the presidential campaign and, if Obama get's his wish, will become factors in his governance as well.

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig

Very interesting and definitely a possibility. However, one should not discount "old media" as part of the future mix. While Obama's brilliant use of the internet was certainly a major factor in his victory, by many accounts what put him over the top with millions of independent voters was his performance against McCain in the three nationally televised debates, where the public could see first hand and unmediated -- including body language etc. -- how "Presidential" he acted under fire. It will be the proper use of a COMBINATION of new media and old media that will determine the future of American politics.

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