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August 29, 2008



Hey! Appears like you have a good group heading on here. I am unable to publish anywhere else simply because my password hasn't arrived nevertheless, but I wanted to introduce myself here in this.
Identify is Vallie; At present finishing up my Physics Key at OSU, and can probably remain at OSU for my graduate studies. I am a latest convert towards the YEC model and I am quite energized to study much more about it -- which is why I'm here.
I probably won't article for per week or so, as I'll be investing my time reading all past messages attempting to get a sense for what has already been discussed.
I search ahead to debate and discussion.


Well, it's a DISadvantage if she and her husband have supported a group that may at some point endanger US national security in Alaska, esp. next door to a resurgent Russia. If she hasn't been aware that such groups have had explosive potential in other countries, that would highlight her dangerous LACK of experience.

Eric Chen

Dmitri said: "Given the importance of Alaska to U.S. national security . . . "

Highlighting that idea would only hurt the Dems, because it strikes at the argument that Palin isn't ready to take over for McCain on the world stage in the foreign policy arena. Palin already has the executive experience advantage and energy issues experience advantage over the Dems ticket. If we now establish that Palin has already been acquainted with US national security issues as governor of Alaska, then we add another experience advantage she has over the Dems ticket.


On another point, there's a striking lack of attention to Palin's and her husband's connection to Alaska's Independence Party, indeed, the greetings she sent to this group already as governor. Imagine Obama being tied to a Hawaii independence movement. Okay, AIP may be a little fringe group - but let me tell you that in Yugoslavia or the former Soviet Union all secessionist groups had absolutely negligible influence just a few years before the breakup of these countries. AIP's website includes a "Call to End American Colonialism" and programmatic statements typical of those secessionist movements that ended up successfully dismantling their home countries. And Palin's rise to glory gives such groups as AIP more visibility and legitimacy than they'd have otherwise. Given the importance of Alaska to U.S. national security, I'll be surprised if the Obama camp does not do a good research on AIP activities and use it in the debates.

Eric Chen

Professor Nacos,

This just occurred to me. Looking back on my recent comment that the best prospect for a future woman President is a present woman Governor, ie, executive to executive transition rather than legislator to executive transition, the Palin pick seems like a win-win for anyone seeking the 1st woman President.

If Senator McCain wins, then Governor Palin becomes the near-automatic next GOP candidate for President, whether in 2012 (given McCain's age, not unlikely) or 2016. If Senator McCain loses and Governor Palin makes a good impression over the next 2 months, then her national profile will be elevated. In a party with few young stars (La Governor Jindal stands out as the other one), if Palin proves her chops and continues to perform well as a governor, then she reasonably could become the GOP's POTUS candidate in 2012.

If McCain wins in 2008, a VP Palin versus Senator Clinton presidential race in 2012 is plausible.

Eric Chen

Clever choice.

I don't know anything about Governor Palin, but of the two presidential and vice-presidential candidates, she's the one with the highest level of executive experience.

She also places the Democrats in the awkward position of attacking her youth and inexperience - which again, the GOP can counter by pointing to her comparatively higher executive experience - which would be tantamount to the Dems arguing against their own presidential candidate.

Any attempt to cast McCain as a hypocrite for choosing a young VP can be countered by the mere reminder that it is still McCain running for President and not Palin.

In the end, of course, it's just a sideshow. This isn't a race between Biden and Palin anymore than it was a race between Benson and Quayle in '88.

John Klymshyn

The fact that Ms. Polin (of little public experience) is NO Hillary Clinton is not exactly an insult. I'm not sure how the number of people governed (in Nassau County, Suffolk, NY State, or the country) has any import or impact on her ability to play the role of a second in command, policy making, manager of White House staff.
Vice President has not been an important office since Kennedy/ Johnson.
I wonder how many VP's the average American can name. If Gore had not become recognizable via his documentary, would any of the under 30 year old voters even know who he was?

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