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August 26, 2008


Eric Chen

Professor Nacos,

If the standard is American foreign policy representation in the modern era, you have to include Secretary of State Rice, who as a woman, has followed in the foot steps of Secretary of State Albright. Of course, Secretary of State is an appointed position, not an elected position, but it does show a willingness and nascent track record to place women in one of the highest positions of responsibility representing our nation on the world stage.

Our two-party system encourage stability, but the flip side of stability is stagnation. We're slowly moving forward as far as placing a woman in the Oval Office; I believe we're far closer to that than placing a Chinese-American in the Oval Office. What would worry me more than the Democrats' rejection of a woman President is the scarcity in the pipeline. When the time comes that Dems or GOP is ready to choose their first woman candidate for President, will there be undeniable woman candidates in position and ready to take the lead?

In the near future, rather than Congress, I think potential woman candidates should be drawn from the pool of woman governors. If success in a traditionally masculine arena is a deciding factor, retired woman generals may be groomed for the Presidency as well.

Alessandro Machi

Barack Obama's side was able to spend a lot more in media time than Hillary Clinton's side. That would make the males who ridiculed Hillary Clinton paid off, as in male whores.

Most of the men who were trotted out during the election to help spin Barack's fading popularity could probably be called male whores, or MORES (no link to mores from the past is implied).


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