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Mateo your a moron. Law enforcement Officers arent required nor should they be to disarm bombs. they have bomb squads for that. the officer was trying to be a hero and failed. Hes lucky the blast only killed him because that was very foolish. Police officers make arrests and correct minor infractions, they dont disarm bombs, so before you criticize law enforcement I suggest you watch what you say


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It is very tragic, and i am very sorry that it happened,death and injuries did not need to happen if police were doing their job better. I mean they shoul have disarmed that bomb without it exploding.I am Croatian -American, and have children that are american, i love America first and foremost.At that time in history Croatia was just another nameless place under communist dictatorship,its people forgotten and being extinct. In desperation some turned to terrorism,because there was nothing left to lose.Croatian comunnities all across America were heartbroken and shocked.
May God bless Brian Murray and other innocent victims.God Bless America.


I would like to say that you should really look into what you are writing about. The town where the plane stopped, GANDER. Not GENDER.

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