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June 14, 2008



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Hello everyone.

I wanted to let you all know about some big things going on with the Hillary / PUMA Party movement.

PUMAParty.Com recently launched a combination of tools to help everyone spread the word and support causes related to Hillary, PUMA and anything else relevant

There are now over 425 members on the forums and many more are registering daily to show their support. There are sections to organize, network and take action. Time is limited so any suggestions or info you could share would be awesome.

Also, at the same website you can now get your very own PUMA Party Blog in a few seconds. Use it to post your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, press releases or anything else you feel is important. Each blog is linked from the homepage that receives thousands of hits per day.

I have also been notified by the admins there that they are willing to do anything they can to help the various causes related to PUMA etc. including spreading press releases to supporters, starting forum sections so that supporters of individual causes can network with the overall user base, fundraising efforts or anything else they can help with.

I hope you'll all stop by and say hello and help us move forward.

Thanks for a wonderful site, I will ask them to add it to the link section if it's not there already. Please link back if possible.


Talk to you all soon,


Eric Chen

P.S. Apologies ... my comment was meant to be addressed to Professor Epstein, not Professor Nacos.

Eric Chen

Professor Nacos,

We'll find out.

When 9/11 happened, which happened not as an isolated act, but just the most serious in a series of successful strikes targeting American and allied interests, we accepted that the pre-9/11 way of dealing with the terrorists - as a law enforcement issue - had failed. Therefore, our President, with our full support, declared war. We agreed then that a different kind of war on stateless globalized terrorists - not soldiers and far more than criminals - would require a new set of rules.

Since 9/11, we certainly have not been lawless nor unruly in the War on Terror. The debate has been over what laws and what rules are appropriate against a proven, dedicated, agile enemy who seemingly takes full advantage of his freedom from any such conceit or restraint. What legal protections should apply to non-American enemy combatants (not really analogous to the interned Americans of Japanese descent in WW2) who do not represent a nation and are captured in foreign lands and battlefields (not foreign travelers in the US) in this different kind of war? Should a civil legal standard be applied to this kind of war? Should a state vs state war-time legal standard be applied to this kind of war?

Most importantly, in a question we have not settled since our founding, is the protection of life - ie, security - a prerequisite for the protection of civil liberty? Or, do we uphold the highest sanctity of civil liberty at all costs, even if the cost is life?

We've known since 9/11 we would change during the war and it wouldn't be the first time in our American history. We, like our enemy, have embarked on a learning curve since then. We - chiefly our military - have evolved from our experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Guantanamo Bay. The SCOTUS decision is a change, too, but it remains to be revealed whether it is a progressive adaptive evolutionary change ... or if it's reactionary.

I cherish our civil liberties, too, and I once gave a a very serious oath to defend the Constitution with my life. So, I hope you're right, Professor, and I agree this decision by SCOTUS is about us, not them.

But, the question nags me: What happens in war, indeed any kind of serious real-world contest between men, when one side fails to respect his opponent?

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