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March 17, 2008



You know, I've been scanning the first feedback on the blogs as well, and I have to say, I was really quite disheartened. I can hardly even beleive people heard the speech.

It really seems like a lot of people made up their minds to oppose Obama, and so take the Pastor's comments as an opportunity to attack. The Pastor's beliefs in the moment that he made these most incendiary comments, are obviously no anywhere near Obama's.

In fact, there will always be opportunities for people to react negatively and enhance all the racial negatives in their lives.

We all live with raciscm, both overt, and subtle. I was actually really moved by Obama's speech, and for me it really turned a page in America's history.

This campaign seems to be coming down to those who welcome a positive engagement against those who beleive that America has to be forever mired in vitriol. I prefer the former.


While I acknowledge that certain events in Hillary's life have caused a stir, even a reading of her Wikipedia biography indicates that she has spent about 50 years in politics.She has been elected to various positions,and appointed to others.At this stage of her career,it is unlikely that there are reasons to doubt her ability to persevere. Certainly she has been vetted over and over and is still a candidate, and that fact alone should relieve her of criticism of her past. Clinton has had a long and illustrious political career, and is best qualified to lead this country. I prefer her to the Holiday Inn Express candidate she's running against for the nomination. If she is still Senator Clinton, then perhaps we should leave the past alone, and look to our future.

mark d

Of all people that need to worry about the past coming back to haunt them it is Hillary. You think the republicans are going to forget Whitewater? Gennifer Flowers? Paula Jones? Questionable cattle futures trades? Being the first First Lady supeonaed by the Superme Court? Bill and Monica? Peter Paul vs Clinton?

Obama's preacher made controversial statements which he denounced AND rejected. Clinton & Co. are guilty of almost every crime in the book. Hillary should simply go away. She can't ride the coattails of Bill and not expect his baggage not to follow.

Not sure if Obama's the man, but I do know that Hillary would be the Democrat version of Bush


I totally agree with everything you have written especially about how Obama is basically being dishonest in saying that he was unaware of Wright's statements. I know this controversy will have an impact on the fall election. I can guarantee Obama will lose support in my home state of Missouri.

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