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March 18, 2008



It was very difficult for me to believe anything that Sen Obama said when he gave his race speech.

There are 3 reasons for this. It appears there is a 'disconnect ' somewhere between reality and his words.I agree with Mr Hutchinson in that I found the race speech quite unsettling. It didn't quell my doubts either.

1- He is devisive in practice, attended a church for 20 years -and then claims he renounces what Rev Wright has said on certain issues BUT maintains that he has strong relationship with Rev Wright. wHAT IS THE GLUE THAT IS HOLDING RELATIONSHIP between Rev Wright & the Obama's so strong. Are they co workers, golfing buddies, family members, neighbors, student/teacher, mentor/mentee, If it is a bond based on god's love- and Christ's glory...how could sen Obama just sit there in thepew for 20 years and not speak up if he disagreed with Rev Wright on some pretty important issues. Is this how he will behave (not confront so as not to make waves) if he gets into office as president? Also,

2- Sen Obama hired David Axelrod to run his campaign strategy.

Axelrod’s specialty is getting black candidates elected by causing ‘race issues’ to pop up in each campaign. Sen Obama knew this very well when he hired him-that is why he hired him-Axelrod delivers.

The New Republic, “Race Man” by Sean Wilentz.

“Obama”s Media Maven” by Chrisptoher Hayes. 2/19/08 issue

3- The third reason I found it difficult to believe the speech is this:

Ted Sorenson , President John F. Kennedy"s top advisor and speechwriter is helping Sen Obama write his speeches. ABC News story-


"Passing the Torch: Kennedy's Touch on Obama's Words- Ted Sorensen, Legendary Speechwriter, Lends Support, Eloquence to Democratic Contender"By Susan Donaldson James, 2/8/08 ABC News.


Eric Chen

^ Sorry about the spelling errors. 2 am writing, I guess.

Eric Chen


I am receptive to Obama's ideas on the "race issue". They resonate strongly with me as a member of a - if anything - lower regarded ethnic group. (Even in your post, Professor, you refer to a "black-white divide" as yet one more pundit who marginalizes my, I suppose, yellow group in our nation's race conversation.) The problem, what disturbs me in this episode, is that Obama uses these important ideas crassly to defend himself. His record in the Wright controversy has been an alarming display of a lack of integrity for a candidate whose wide appeal is based largely on the appearance of extraordinary principles and decency - now, as revealed, not so much:

On April 11 2007, Obama said, "I understand MSNBC has suspended Mr. Imus, but I would also say that there's nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group".

While saying this about Don Imus, and long before he made this statement, Obama was closely tied with Reverend Wright. Rev Wright isn't just some low-level maverick campaign staffer or even outspoken and influential political ally. Rev Wright has been interwined with Obama in multiple close ways, closer to Obama than the vilified Karl Rove ever was/is to George W Bush.

In reacting to the controversy, Obama has misdirected and spun, obfuscated, even lied. Perhaps, these are normal reactions for a politician under threat in the political arena, but that's what's so disappointing. Obama isn't supposed to be just another politican; he's supposed to be a transcendent force for our country, whether his time to be President was now or, with more seasoning, later. Then again, if Obama really was as special as we believed, he wouldn't have been involved in this controversy with Rev Wright in the first place.

How could Obama have campaigned on such a high-minded platform, all the while hyprocritically continuing his close relationship with Rev Wright? I haven't decided yet if Obama's arrogance grew from a belief that he was immune to judgements of hypocrisy, above it perhaps, or if he believed his charisma and rhetorical brilliance could extricate himself from the (inevitable) exposure of hyprocisy.

What Obama once symbolized and the ideas he (still) expresses so well are important, which only makes my disappointment greater that he would cheapen them by using them for base cynical political expedience.

As it turns out, Obama is just another politician; worse, he's a disillusioning politician. It's time we re-examine pur fellow Columbian, this charismatic would-be President. Who is he and who is he not, really?


Pastor Wright, Obama, And The Media



check this out...


McCain Adviser Calls Christian Right a Serious Problem


The swiftboating of Obama will not work. I have faith that Americans are sick of the "politics as usual," they are sick of the war and the race- and gender-baiting, and the fiddling while Rome (i.e. U.S. society and economy) burns. Americans are ready for a serious dialogue after the juvenile antics of the current administration, and they will realize that Obama is the person who will deliver it for them. It will be a new morning in America this November and not the same old politics. American voters are going to show the swiftboaters the door.

IF some radical right wing 527 tries to swiftboat Obama I would not be surprised to see a well funded progressive 527 come back at McCain and question his ties to pastor Hagee (who has said VERY inflamatory things about Catholics)...


Obama's campaign staff will not engage in the politics of personal destruction and I think most voters will not buy into it in this election cycle...Yet, it's tough to control what Independent 527 groups do.

Guilt by association is reckless and EVERY politician has at times been around or has some ties to someone who has said or done controversial things.

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