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March 06, 2008



I'll respond by suggesting that some people have legitimate domestic issues other than the GWOT and other fear factors to deal with, in the face of a weakening dollar, increasing energy prices, higher food costs, no end in sight for other expenses; yet some of you think that nothing's happening. When Ben Stein says there is no bottom in sight for the value of the USD, I believe him. If the Iraq War money was being spent on immediate needs, instead of distant future fantasies, no one would argue. Less than 10 % of the expenses get to the troops. Whose pocket is the rest going into? Meanwhile, there's a almost-billion dollar fortress now in Iraq, and I personally believe that 1) it means we'll never leave the area, and 2) that fact is part of the blowback we're experiencing with stronger petrodollars, stronger Euro, unwillingness on OPEC's part to accomodate Bush'as request to open the oil production faucet. There's a direct comparison between Bolivia's coca trade and the Afghan poppy business. What else do they have? I have to laugh at the bumbling sect of the formerly respectable conservative and Republican party when they think their actions of the past 40 years doesn't count for what's happening now. Of course those comments you deride will be made- what good news do you have to offset it? A reprieve in the housing scandal? A return in the South to pre-Katrina/Rita conditions? Banks are collapsing under the weight of toxic SIVs, China doesn't want to lend us $2,000,000,000 per day any more just to take care of the interest on the debt, your Fence isn't being built, which is a blessing for many landowners along the Rio Grande, and if McCain didn't even have the nerve to stand up to Rove in 2000, how will he deal with Chavez and others? Meanwhile, you huff and puff about how effective the sanctions and embargoes regarding Cuba ( of all threats) are, when an infusion of American tourism would have ended Castro's rule long ago. I have to stop here, I'm laughing too hard......


Nicely said. Now if only one of the candidates could figure out how to say that...

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