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January 27, 2008



Its more than obvious by the comments of the host that this is a left wing web site and your comments about our military are disgusting.

Our Service people put something besides their own egos Unlike yourselF) out their at risk


Tony, again you ask very relevant questions. And, no, I do not think that Obama was or is the outsider. I think he has played by the rules--otherwise he would not have been elected U.S. Senator. He is a gifted communicator, and if he can become the first Black American president it would certainly be a huge step forward in terms of racial and ethnic divisions.
I wonder, though, whether Obama, if he becomes the nominee of the Democratic Party, can win the election. Ted Kennedy may be helpful to get the nomination but may be a liablity for the Democratic nominee.
Whatever my personal sentiments are in this respect is irrelevant--I grew up in Germany in a very different political setting--what is far left here was and is, rightfully though, the middle ground here.
One way or the other--Super-Tuesday may bring some more clarity in both the Democratic and the Republican races.


With regard to Hill/Bill, I suspect one of the stipulations was that he hand over the keys when she decided to Stand By Her Man. Whatever happened, he learned his lesson, and enough important people see him as too politically valuable to silence.

What really bothers me, and is apparently not bothering anyone else, is the twinning of Obama and Jack Kennedy, whom I am old enough to remember. O's wife is wearing the other O's wigs, and Barack is sounding like Jack in his soundbites. But JFK had a hugely powerful and successful extended family behind him, with a political presence that couldn't be overlooked. Ted K is the quintessential insider in political circles, and Caroline isn't so far behind, so their endorsements of Obama and voiced associations with JFK's charismatic impact make me think that Obama is not nearly the outsider he maintains he is. Is he outside the tent at all? It's one thing to be King of the Homecoming celebration, and another to succeed in Washington. Just ask Jimmie Carter. Will issues become important in these campaigns? I fervently hope so.......


Since it is not unusual that presidential spouses influence the office-holders, I'd rather prefer someone like Bill Clinton because of his grasp of policy issues. But you are right, the person elected must be in charge. If Hillary is the one, I believe she will be.
In this respect, I am glad that the prospects for a President Giuliani and his wife as influential advisor are fading rapidly.


If Hillary can't control him now, will be she be able to control him in the West Wing when she's in the East Wing (or vice-versa)? Personally, I think it's like a roll of the dice, if you get what I mean....

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