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September 06, 2007



Of course, you are right. Especially those who disagree with the current administration should know that they will inherit many difficult problems and that there is a great likelihood that they will be blamed in the end for whatever cannot be cleaned up. It will be a no win situation for any of the Democrats. The viable Republican candidates leave no doubt that they want to continue on Bush's so-called war on terrorism path. They seem not to perceive any problems ahead.
Having said this, I am increasingly unhappy with Democrats. I agree with Krugman's column in yesterday's NYT: The Democrats in Congress (and all those running for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party) must not compromise with Republicans on Iraq for fear of being labeled anti-military. They will be one way or the other. They were elected to vote for real change--especially with respect to the Iraq war. And even though they cannot overturn a sure presidential veto, they should stand up for what they themselves and the majority of Americans want.


Brigitte, you raise some compelling questions, as usual. I have one question- why do all these candidates want to inherit one of the worst messes in modern history? Do they actually think that politics-as-usual is the answer? ex. Giuliani said the other day that Palestine shouldn't become a state yet,(because they haven't demonstrated a willingness to fight terrorism), while he supports Israel, the crux of the Palestinian problem since Lord Balfour issued his declaration. What we really need now is a reincarnation of T.E. Lawrence in the ME, and the disamalgamation of Iraq into its former components a la the British mandate. Thompson's phraseology "til the job's done" sounds just like an ad for Chevy trucks, or something. But voting habits won't change until the draft is reinstated, and the college children wake up. The 9/11 outrage is now expressed in terms of whether WABC will read all the victims' names. Can we also request the reading of the names of the brave soldiers who died in the subsequent wars (Iraq and Afghanistan)? Where are the priorities? We are in dire need of substantive change, immediately!


I agree whole-heartedly that Mr. Thompson picked the wrong venue to announce. And it hardly works against the stereotype that you're lazy to dodge another debate and then announce right after in one of the easiest venues in the world. How are so many people so excited about this guy?

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