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Patrick: Agreed. If only more Americans would be able see reality behind the daily mass-mediated spin.


Bush's existence within the walled in military community has, over seven years, become the world's longest running theater of the absurd. He might as well be talking about aliens or sand lice - the relevence to the inhabitants of the kingdom over which he rules would be the same. I wish he would wear the Burger King costume with that superific crown. I also wish he would put his hand over his mouth and do an austin powers head-bob when he delivers those smirk lines. That the bush admin is disassociated and strange is accepted. What disturbs me is that some sort of rational connected professional ad agency is advising them to trot this stuff out - that it is registering with the American Public. I think of the Greenday lyrics, "Don't want to be a stupid american." I think the real problem is that good, sometimes decent, americans are wearing cheap distorted media glasses. But for me, those glasses don't spoil the angry hilarity in Bush's military decider act.

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