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June 27, 2007



I must admit, the one who wrote nishtyak nakropal.


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Other One

the more I see happening in this country in the way of truths not being told, the more I'm reminded Of Orwell's 1984. they spoon-feed us irrelevant stories all the while taking away what truth we have. Remember the patriot act? I don't like it that my phone could possible be tapped for no reason and I really don't see how Wicca can be associated with terrorism, yet wicca books were taken from the libraries under that act.


Tiffany: You certainly have a point: Unless news consumer demand serious public affairs news and consume infotainment, the status quo and worse will prevail.

Tiffany Jeltema

Unfortunately, celebrity "news" is what gets the attention of the average American. However, I wonder if the media is just supplying our demand for worthless gossip that appeals to our emotions, or strategically distracting us from the real issues. I hope it's a combination of both, but knowing the bureaucracy in mass media, too much shaping is going on.


Excellent post! It's very disappointing that Chris Matthews allowed Ann Coulter on Hardball last week. Matthews even led off with a story on Paris a week or so before. I thought he would be the one to stick to real news when others in MSM turned tabloid, but I guess not.

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