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April 14, 2007


usman ali

suiside attacks r not islam.or teaching of islam.there r some black sheeps who r doing this in the name of islam. i hate usma-bin-ladin &bush because both r killer.vimpires who like to drink blood of inocent humans.


how I miss having such intelligent conversation on a topic that so interests me... I found your place here from one of the links on NQuarter. I post there occasionally but I am a bit shy... I didn't realize that you are a Professor, until after I posted, and then read summaries of some of the books you have published. Extreemely interesting topics, esp interested in media/propaganda issues r/t counter terrorism... glad I found your place here. Marlene


I couldn't agree more with you on the problems caused by the immense gap between the wealthy and the working poor. In fact, this gap also exists between the very small percentage of those with super-incomes and the middle class whose members have increasingly trouble to make ends meet--forget to pay for their children's education.
As someone who grew up in the safety-net oriented European welfare state system(that actually went overboard and thereby stifled the incentive to work), I have never understood why the most wealthy nation in the world cannot embrace mandatory health care, welfare for the least fortunate, and adequate social security.
While there is little evidence that poor people resort to terrorism, eventually leaders will emerge who resort to this sort of violence in the name of the disadvantages.


Yes,m I agree with all you said once again. I believe that we have not seen it here as yet, is mostly due to the hope that we have held here that we would always be able to make things better for ourselves and our families in this country. I see a whole new generation of the working poor here, and we have no 'middle class' any more... if as a Nation, we do not address these issues that cause people to give up hope, I believe we will be witness to more and more 'home grown' terrorists... and the difference between those that kill themselves and those that will take the lives of others while doing so is immence... lots of anger involved for one reason or another. We just had a fired employee shoot and kill his boss and co workers here in MI... and then there are the many other such recent examples... why would some snap and do such horrible things and then there are others that seem to work things thru??


It seems that unlike Western European countries the United States has not become a breeding ground for recruits of suicide terrorism. If the number of suicides increased in the U.S. lately, that would be a development anyone in his/her right mind would very much regret. But there is, of course, a difference between people who kill themselves and those who kill themselves in order to kill others.


Well written. I agree that there is no doubt a waiting list... if you take away all hope and make any group of people feel helpless to change anything that directly affects their health or wellbeing, eventually they will rebel and go into an offensive stance. Since bushco has assumed power, many people are feeling helpless right here in the US. I pray that this increase we can witness with the suiside bombers is not indicative of what we should expect to happen here in the US... Has anyone seen any recent (un-altered) statistics on the suicide rates here in the US??? I bet they are much higher than we are allowed to know...

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